Low Bob's has been a Tobacco Destination since 1992 - Harold Simpson was responsible for the birth of Low Bob's Discount Tobacco concept. Harold's first location was in Muncie, Indiana, and, to this day, it is still a destination to local tobacco consumers. Although Harold has sold the Low Bob's brand, he continues to operate six tobacco shops. Harold is known as: The Father Of Low Bob's.

Today we are proud of the success of Low Bob's - There are over 120 Low Bob's locations throughout the Midwest. We continue to grow and offer licenseeing opportunities for individuals that have the desire to operate a Tobacco Shop. We have the experience and knowledge in an Industry that continues to change - Today's consumers expect more Innovative products than past generations - additionally, exceptional customer service is expected - all this, we offer at Low Bob's.

We will also keep you informed regarding any Tobacco legislation through our legislative link - this will be very informative and updated as things happen - you will always be informed.

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